Men’s internal surgical ward


   Zahra Sadat Hosseini

bachelor of nursing with 16 years experience


   This ward with 7 rooms, 18 approved beds, 12 surgeons, 3 urology physicians, 3 neurology physician, 3 internal physicians, 6 pediatrician, 3 ENT physicians, 2 subspecialist of digestive physicians, 5 heart physicians, 1 lung physicians, 1 infectious physician is responsible for internal, orthopedics, urology, neurology, sometimes children, ENT, subspecialist of digestive and POST  ICUPOST patients


Types of surgeries operated at this center are:

1 - General Surgery: Appendectomy- Hemorrhoidectomy- CANCER- Removing surface appendages and abdominal skin- Head and Face- Chest trauma- Laparoscopy- Cholecystectomy- Fistulas and … 

2 – Orthopaedic: Types of fractures- Removal of platinum from broken organs that was previously tagged platinum

3 – Urology: Prostatectomy- Hydrocele- Circumcision- Urinary tract stones- Prostatitis- UIT- Varicocele- Cystoscopy
4 - ENT: Septoplasty- Tonsillectomy- Nasal trauma- Rhinoplasty

Types of internal cases admitted in this center:

1 - Internal: DM, DKA, DVT, CE

2 - Pulmonary: COPD, Pneumonia, Asthma

3 - Infectious: FUO, Influenza
4 - Heart + POST CO: ACS, AF, CAD, HTN, CHF, UA

5 - Neurology: TIA / CVA / spasm / Discopathy

6 - Digestion: CIB / Gastrvanzhyt










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