C.C.U ward


matron: S. Karimi

bachelor of nursing, graduated from Tehran university, retired from Imam Khomeini hospital 


C.C.U ward of Shahid Bahonar hospital has been establish in 1377 to operate Optimal services to heart patients with angina, hnfarction, myocardial, hypertension, types of tachycardia, valvular heart disease, heart failure, acute pulmonary edema, aneurysm, inflammatory diseases of the heart and pericarditis and other heart diseases with experienced staff including cardiologist and trained nurses. C.C.U ward consist of 7 bed with 7 Full option oxygen screen and Central suction, a ventilator, six IMS syringe pump, two infusion pumps that are totally ten. Two wavy mattress, ECO device, two shock device,  electric trolley device equipped with drugs and necessary equipments for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a pulse oximeter, a portable suction device, a nebulizer. Dr.Ghoveh is the head of ward who is cardiologist. 







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