M.Jazireh is technical responsible for Physiotherapy ward 



Physiotherapist afternoon are Mr. Mustafa Abbasi.

Accepted patients

First. Outpatients

2. Patients

Hours of physiotherapy:

Every day of the week except holidays

Morning from 8:30 to 12:30 for female patients

Afternoon shifts for male patients from 16 to 20

Physiotherapy department has contracted with the following insurance:

- Health insurance (employee, other people, self-employed, Iran),

Export insured banks, national, business, nation's central bank, Bank

Services offered:

Treatment: Arthritis - Sciatica - Fractures - Frozen shoulder - and spur ... In this section occurs.



It is equipped with physical therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy is.

- Electrotherapy devices include:

  1.Tens (TENS)


Three. Us (ultrasound)

4. If (Ayntrfrnshyal)

5. Swd (diathermy) is infrared.









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