pic Responsible: Dr.M.H.Kheir andish           
Supervisor: Ms. Rezvan Jam



 Dentistry ward staff:

- Head nurse: 2 people in two shifts, morning and evening.

- Radiology Expert: 2 people
- Reception: 2 people

- Assistants: 6 people

- Dentistry laboratory

* Following cases are performed in dentistry ward:

- Single and parallel dental radiographies by radiology experts
- Diagnosis and treatment plan in the exam room
- Beauty restoration, restoration with composite, restoration with amalgam

- Root tooth treatment (Endo), endodontic retreatment (retreat)

- Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, hard tissue surgery, soft tissue surgery, flap surgery
open sinus lift surgery.

- Tooth implant (implant)

- Gum surgery - tooth crown lengthening surgery

- Dental surgery (Bring out tooth).

- Orthodontic (correction of teeth disorganization)

* Following cases are performed in dentistry laboratory:

Laboratory is servicing in two fixed and moving sectors since 1380 as following:

- Fixed sector: production of implant veneer- production of veneer-production of fylypr

- Moving sector: production of perfect teeth (dentures)- ساخت تری بلیچینگ-

* Personnel working in dentistry laboratory:

- Mr Fadae, every day (in fixed sector)

- Mr. Ghaffari, afternoon of odd  days (in moving sector)

* Time of services:

- Visit every day except holidays

 Mornings from 8:30 to 9:30

Evenings: from 14:30 to 15:30

*dentistry ward in addition to insured therapeutic services and employee patients also admits free patients.
this ward In addition to sterilization devices is equipped by water Purifier device.
Phone: 22837701





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