pic Responsible: Dr. R. Navi Poor          



Technical responsible: Mrs. Dr. Farideh Heiderpur

Supervisor and responsible for health Physics: Mr. Darwish Salemi Poor

 Radiology staff

Expert of radiology and sonography: 2 people

Man expert radiology: 4 people

Woman expert radiology: 3 people

 Administrative affairs and reception: 4 people

 Services: 1 person

 following cases are performed in radiology ward

proprietary –coloured-, digital Paronex,  single tooth, mammography, bone densitometry

Surface sonographies, transvaginal, transrectal, biophysical, colored vascularity doppler

Breast biopsy under sono guidance, prostate biopsy under sono guide, FNA

 3D and 4D sonographies, and providing cd of embryo

 Time of services

 Simple radiographs: 7:30 am to 19:30 pm -emergencies, hostel

 Specialized radiography and sonography: mornings

 Breast biopsy under sono guidance, prostate biopsy under sono guide, FNA, 3D and 4D sonographies: thursday afternoon by appointment

 Radiology ward has contracted with the following insurances

Therapeutic services -employee, other people, self-employed

insurance of bank meli, Tejarat, saderat, sepah and central bank

Tel :22831840-4 internal 166



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