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Laboratory of Bahonar hospital and especially emergency ward are ready to provide services to clients Full-time. Laboratory of Farhangiyan hospital with experienced and professional personnel as well as best world devices in hematology, biochemical and hormonal wards is ready to serve. Also presence of experienced personnel in sampling ward (babies and adults) gives the possibility to clients to do their blood test without any pain
Also the laboratory to patients who are hospitalized at home and can’t move will send a experienced person to home in coordination with the laboratory director and will do necessary actions in this regard. Also for clients who can’t again refer to lab for inside  the city by courier and for other cities or out of country by fax or email will send the result

- Laboratory has pathology and cytology reception wards for
hospitalized patients, operating room patients and surgery patients and also pap smear samples of women ward
- hospital has contracted with the following insurances: (Employee Therapeutic services - cultural - Golden Insurance - Bank Sepah - Bank Keshavarzi –Bank Tejarat –Bank - Bank Mellat - self-employed central bank- bank Saderat, as well as  is ready to admit outpatients freely
* Lab Direct phone Number: 26132311

* Fax: 22290552









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