Medical equipment

This ward with the aim of organizing purchasing and repairing medical equipment in all wards of the hospital has started to work since 1377

77-79: Mr. Agha-Hosseini-Electronic Engineering

80-84: Ms. Sheibani -Biomedical Engineering

84 up to now: Dr. Hajian -Medical Radiation phd

and the expert of medical equipment is Mrs. Shafieian-Biomedical Engineering
the purpose of this ward is to complete, develop and promote diagnostic and therapeutic equipment using new technologies.

amongst of this ward’s activities are:

Quality control of medical equipment

Monitoring to up to dating and increasing the productivity of medical equipment

Technical education to Users

Cannibalizing medical equipment according to relevant regulations

Service and repair of medical equipment

Maintaining patient safety

It is hoped that by efforts of the staff every day reach to
hygiene, health and therapeutic holy goal of clients according to international standards be done.

Department responsible: Mrs. Tahmasevi


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